Black & White Darkroom Photography 101

Tuesdays May 9, 16, 23, 6-9pm
Instructor: Daniel Abide
Class Fee: $125

This class meets over three evenings and is designed for the beginner who would like to learn black and white film photography and darkroom printing, or anyone who needs a big refresher. Three class meetings cover how to use a 35mm camera, how to develop film and print techniques including filters and burning/dodging. Please have a manual 35mm camera (one that you can change both the aperture and shutter speed) with a functioning light meter. RC photo paper and 2 rolls of 35mm film will be included. Minimum 2, max 4. See deposit and registration info below.


Intro to Color Darkroom

SaturdaySunday May 27 & 28, 12-5pm
Instructor: Jason Scott Furr
Class Fee: $130 for both days or $65 for either day

This class meets for 5 hours on two consecutive days and covers technical aspects of analog color photography. Day one will include developing C-41 film with a Jobo CPP2. Day two will include printing, color balancing, and use of a Fujimoto CP-51 processor. Students must also purchase at least 1 roll of film and color photographic paper. Previous black and white darkroom experience is required. No minimum, limited to 3. See deposit and registration info below.


Black & White Film or Print Demo Sessions

Please email us to schedule an appointment.
Demo Fee: $30 each (or $25 each when both booked one after the other)

These demo sessions are designed for those with previous darkroom experience who do not need the full 101 course, but need the refresher of watching someone else print or develop film before working on their own. The instructor will go through all steps of either the developing or printing process so the participant can take notes. Participants may optionally bring their own film for instructor to develop or print. No max or min enrollment, no deposit. See registration info below.



C-41 Jobo Demo Session

Please email us to schedule an appointment.
Demo Fee: $30, plus cost of film and membership

This demo session is for those with previous Jobo experience developing color negative film who want to be cleared for Color Film Membership access. Participants may bring 1-5 rolls of their own film to be developed for the session, in which we cover all aspects of development and proper use of the Jobo. Participants may either pay for a Color Print Membership (with previous printing experience) or Color Film Membership at demo session. More details on these costs are available on the Working Memberships page or upon registration. No max or min enrollment, no deposit. See registration info below.



Intro to Large Format Photography

Check back for future dates.
Instructor: Daniel Abide

This class provides an introduction to the 4×5 camera, how to shoot, develop film, and make prints. Students are required to provide their own film and paper. Previous darkroom experience is recommended. Minimum 2, max 4. See deposit and registration info below.


Fun facts about deposits:

  • All classes require a $20 deposit to secure your spot.
  • Class/workshop deposits are needed by 5pm two days before the event begins.
  • Deposits are non-refundable for cancellations within 24 hours of class/workshop start time, and for no-shows.
  • Deposits will be refunded if the minimum enrollment is not met.